I woke up a little after 3AM, the hour of the wolf. I wanted to keep sleeping but my mind/body had other plans.

I’ve been spending time in bed reading things other people have written and posted on the internet.

As I do this I remember when I could not sleep in the times before there was an internet and I think, “I’m living in the future.”

It’s standard to bash the present as a surer and incoherent, because it is. But it’s also a realization of a fantasy of the past me —a board adolescent alone in the American Midwest.

It’s a few hours later and I can see the light of the day star starting to break up to night.

I’m reasonably sure I’ll have the feeling of jet-lag even though my body has not traveled.

Cayce, a character in the William Gibson novel Pattern Recognition called jet lag “soul delay”, because your body is in one play but your soul takes longer to get there. Will I have soul delay today, because my soul got stuck someplace around 3AM?