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The Beginning:

In the first episode of From 78, I said that what I wanted to do was talk to people who are younger than I am and can see further over the horizon of time into a future that I can’t see. I also wanted to talk to people who are older than I am and can see back over the horizon of time into a past that I did not experience and can’t remember. I also wanted to tell those younger and older than me about my experience of living.

In this way, I think From78 became a project about inter-generational dialogues and people sharing what it is like to be subject to falling through time.

The Format:

During the first season of the show (episodes 001-009) I struggled to find what was the right format for the show. I was also still figuring out how to make a podcast sound good. The result is not the best sound and some messy interviews.

Be all that as it may, I did learn from doing.

The second season of the show (episode 010-current) will sound better, and the interviews will be more refined.