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From78 S2:E012

Episode: Notes: In this episode of From78 I talk with a fellow Podcrade from The Lost Horizon’s Network, Jason from The Regrettable Century. We talk about our own lives and our experiences as we have moved through time. The conversation gets into putting down roots v. drifting, fear of death, the pursuit of an impossible […]

From78 S2:E011

Hi folks. It’s been a while but season two of From78 is starting today. I start the season with an audio-essay on what haunts me as I try to go to sleep.  Here is the link to the new From78 website.  Here is a link to the ongoing journal I’m keeping there.  Music provided by […]


I woke up a little after 3AM, the hour of the wolf. I wanted to keep sleeping but my mind/body had other plans. I’ve been spending time in bed reading things other people have written and posted on the internet. As I do this I remember when I could not sleep in the times before […]


It has been awhile since I last posted anything here. I had been doing good with the one post a day routine for a bit, but then I had a day that was busy and all I wanted to do was sit and think, doing nothing in particular, and I did not post anything. After […]

Identity & Identification

I spend a good amount of time thinking about identity politics. One of the things that I’ve come to believe is that there is a paradox at the very heart of identity politics today. (Side note: I’m writing this as part of my attempt to document my head noise on a regular basis… This is […]


Today I watched some birds fly around and land on some light posts and suspended wires. My thoughts in that liminal space where it is present but not focus on anything in particular, sort of a pleasant head noise playing in the back hallways of my mind. Moments like this are important, they help me […]


The world did not stand still over the past few months, but it did slow down and get quiet. It’s been more still and contemplative than it has been for a long time. People lives change speed and cadence all the time, but these changes are happening at an individual level, and our individual worlds […]

Pirate radio

The summer before my sophomore in highs school, summer of 1994 specifically, I rented a movie called Pump Up the Volume on VHS form a local Blockbuster Video. I got home and watched it. Then I watched it again. It was one of those movies that speaks to awkward adolescent males thirsty to be rebellious […]

No such thing

Lacan has given us many an aphorism. One of the most famous of Lacanian aphorisms is, il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel.1 This is usually translated as, There is no such thing as a sexual relationship. Thomas Svolos has written that a better translation for this equivocation would be “There is no such thing […]


Today I thought the following to myself, I need quiet, and lots of it. I don’t mean I need there to be a lack of noise. What I need is a sort of quiet time, a slice of time that lacks the distracting pressure of tasks needing to be done. That task-pressure prevents the ability […]