The best time…

I read the following on the , which is written by Michael Donaldson

The best time to start something is yesterday, and the second-best time is right now.

This last weekend I recorded (but have not yet edited & released) an episode of From78 that is an interview with Jason from The Regrettable Century. In that interview, we talk about how every day that goes by we take a day from the stack of tomorrows we have and place it on the stack of yesterdays. For a long time (hopefully!) the stack of tomorrows is much larger than the stack of tomorrows, but there does come a time in all of our lives when the stack of yesterdays passes the stack of tomorrows.

How we use our time is important.

As I write this I remember a time when I had been called into a meeting with my boss’s boss’s boss. I was told that I was being let go, “No hard feelings.” I was told. “You didn’t do anything wrong, we just don’t have the money to keep you on. If there is anything we can do to help you get a new job… a letter of recommendation or anything…”

Five minutes after I had finished packing my stuff into boxes, and I was moving the boxes out to my car, this I got a call from someone telling me my application to a doctoral program had been approved, and there was a spot for me in the cohort that would start classes in the fall.

I remember thinking, “I just lost my job. I have no income. This is a horrible time to start an expensive project in higher education.”

However, I also thought, “Fuck it. There if I wait for ‘a good time’ I’ll never do this. There is never a good time to start something that is going to be hard.”

I said I’d be there in the fall.

He said I’ll email you the syllabus for the first class later today.

Nothing that’s worth having comes to us without a temporary surrender of our security.