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I’m From78,

I was born in 1978 — In 1988 I was 10, in 1999 I was 21, I was 22 in 2001, I turned 30 in 2008, and I’m 42 today.

I can remember a time before the internet, when smartphones were things we saw in science fiction series, when GPS was something only the military used. I had to learn how to look up information in a set of encyclopedias (paper ones) use a card-catalog in my school library. My parents could not look up my grades. It was normal for me to get on my bike and ride around for hours without anyone knowing where I was.

However, I was interested in computers at a young age. I would use a 2600 baud modem and the command line ATDT to dial-up BBS systems and DDials. I used AOL instant messenger. My first email system was pine. I bought the first iPhone when it came out. I had a blog before most people had heard the word blog. I made a podcast on comics in 2006.

The point to all this? — I grew in in what I think of as the world before the internet, but I was young enough when the internet became a normal thing that normal people used to kind of “grow up” with it as well.

I’m one of those people who is at the end of Gen-X and the beginning of the Millennials. (an X-linial?)

In 2019 — I decided to start doing a podcast/blog about what it is like to be someone who is in between all of this, what it is like to be From78.