It has been awhile since I last posted anything here. I had been doing good with the one post a day routine for a bit, but then I had a day that was busy and all I wanted to do was sit and think, doing nothing in particular, and I did not post anything.

After I get out of posting something one day it’s very easy to just drop the routine all together.

Anyway, one of that matters.

What I want to talk about is distance.

I have some days where I want to be close to the world and what is happening there, where I want to be busy and involved in everything.

Then there are days where all I want is to put distance between me and the world, where all I want is to read books and explore my own head noise.

Being distant from the world, the way I’m trying to describing it, has nothing to do with not seeing other people. (There is a difference between wanting to be distant and wanting to be alone. Those are two different desires.)

I can be distant sitting in an airport filled with people. I can be distant anywhere.